TC7 (System Modeling and Optimization) staged its biennial General Conference in Warsaw, Poland from 4-8 July 2022. 

Hosted at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science at Warsaw University of Technology, the conference was organised under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Education and Science with the support of IBM and TD Synnex Company. The institutional organisers were the Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science of Warsaw University of Technology. The organisers were Marek Niezgódka, Radosław Pytlak and Łukasz Stettner. 

The conference had 80 participants, which is less than usually but still acceptable considering the pandemic situation as well as the war in Ukraine. The following plenary speakers presented papers:

  • Hans Georg Bock (University of Heidelberg), “Inverse Optimal Control Problems and Application to Modeling the gait of Cerebral Palsy Patients”;
  • Martin Kružik (Institute of Information Theory and Automation Czech Academy of Sciences) , “Nonlinear and linearized models in thermoviscoelasticity”;
  • Anna Marciniak-Czochra (University of Heidelberg), “Mathematical hematology: Model-based approach to understand cancer heterogeneity and resistance to therapy”;
  • Benedikt Wirth (University of Münster), “Exact reconstruction and reconstruction from noisy data: Going beyond point sources”;
  • Małgorzata Peszyńska (Oregon State University), “Coupled systems across the scales in the subsurface. Models or data?”;
  • Lorena Bociu (North Carolina State University), “Analysis and Control in Poroelastic Systems with Application to Biomedicine”;
  • Michał Sierakowski (IBM), “Cloud Native Machine Learning” , Piotr Biskupski (IBM),  “We’re building the future of quantum together”; and
  • Birgit Rudloff (Vienna University of Economics and Business), “Time (In)Consistency of multivariate Problems”.

TC7 held its regular meeting during the conference, electing a new vice chair, Chrystian Clason of Universität Graz, to replace Dietmar Hömberg (who resigned because of his involvement in the International Mathematical Union). 

The 31st General IFIP TC7 Conference is scheduled for 2024 and at the moment there is an open call to organise this conference.

Caption: Marek Niezgódka and vice Minister Wojciech Murdzek speak at the official opening of the conference.