Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics innovators—and their high-tech creations—will join humanitarian leaders in Geneva, Switzerland from 6-7 July for the latest edition of the AI for Good Global Summit

Once again, IFIP is partnering with the Summit and ITU to support its agenda to promote AI to advance health, climate, gender, inclusive prosperity, sustainable infrastructure, and other global development priorities. 

“It’s in our collective interest that we can shape AI faster than it is shaping us,” said ITU Secretary-General Doreen Bogdan-Martin. “This summit, as the UN’s primary platform for AI, will bring to the table leading voices representing a diversity of interests to ensure that AI can be a powerful catalyst for progress in our race to rescue the SDGs.” 

Innovative Solutions and World-Class Speakers 

The AI for Good Global Summit will feature eight humanoid social robots and over 20 specialised robots, being brought together for the first time under the same roof. The robots will showcase capabilities ranging from fighting fires and delivering aid to providing healthcare and farming sustainably. 

The goal of this global event is to identify practical applications of AI to accelerate progress towards the UN SDGs and connect AI innovators with public and private-sector decision-makers to help scale AI solutions globally. This year’s summit is designed to generate ‘AI for Good’ solutions that can be enacted in the near term, guided by its multistakeholder and interdisciplinary audience. It also prioritises networking, experiences and matchmaking to stimulate collaboration efforts to ensure trusted, safe, and inclusive development of AI technologies and equitable access to their benefits.

IFIP members are encouraged to consider attending the summit in person in Geneva, or to participate on the event’s neural network platform, an AI-powered match-making community platform to connect AI innovators with problem owners.

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