28August, 2020

Hungarian Computer Society Hosts the Central European Olympiad of Informatics

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Competition is underway for CEOI 2020, which is being held this week in Nagykanizsa, Hungary.

The John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT), together with the Hungarian Government and the local municipality, have organised the event, which runs from 23-29 August, kicking off on Sunday with an entertaining and inspiring opening ceremony. 

An annual event since 1994, CEOI […]

31October, 2018

ITPE Expert Group Considers Practical Implementation of e-CF

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IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE) has just held its second expert group meeting on October 24, which focused on applying the European Common Framework (e-CF) in practice for identifying, and developing, relevant IT professional profiles.

This was also the key topic at the session on the following day, on October 25, with Belgian tech association, ‘Agoria’, […]

24April, 2017

IFIP Interviews: Mike Hinchey, IFIP President, on the vision for IFIP and supporting UN SDGs

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IFIP President, Mike Hinchey, shares his vision for IFIP, speaks about what makes IFIP so influential and how IFIP supports developing countries, in line with UN SDGs.

What is your vision for IFIP?

Over the next few years I like to see us become more relevant internationally, globally if you like, so we’re looking to work more […]

19September, 2016

New IT Professionalism Body in Europe

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CEPIS has launched IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE), a network of organisations committed to furthering IT professionalism in Europe. ITPE highlights the need to implement pragmatic solutions. It provides its members with information and visibility, in a collective endeavour to promote best practice in IT professionalism and drive its development in Europe. ITPE organises national briefings […]

16June, 2015

International ICT Societies Call for More Technology Education in Schools

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Media Release

International ICT Societies Call for More Technology Education in Schools to Avert ICT Skill Crisis

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 – An historic meeting of international ICT leaders has called for governments across Europe to urgently introduce Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) subjects into their school curriculums in order to better equip students for today’s digitally […]