CIPS, Canada’s Association of IT Professionals, was delighted to host the March 2024 IFIP Board Meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto, starting with an IFIP Board and CIPS Joint Working Session on Monday 25th March. The working session commenced with a warm welcome from CIPS CEO Greg Lane, setting the stage for an engaging exchange of ideas among esteemed attendees. A round of introductions fostered a sense of camaraderie and laid the groundwork for productive discussions. 

IFIP President Anthony Wong took to the floor to share his insights and comments, followed by attendees reviewing the session’s central theme: “How can IT be used to address societal issues especially as regards to the environment and global warming? How can we in Canada create and foster conditions that stimulate the creation of new companies intent on making the world a “healthier” place?”

Next, Raimundo Macedo, Chair of IFIP’s Task Force on Climate Change, provided an overview of its initial findings, after which attendees had the opportunity to present their respective countries’ top three initiatives on climate change.

The IFIP Task Force, which is exploring challenges and opportunities in using digital technologies to combat climate change and its impacts, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, will produce a set of recommendations for professionals and relevant institutions to help address climate change.

A memorable presentation by Canadian serial entrepreneur/venture capitalist and IP3 Board member, Stephen Ibaraki, rounded out the morning. Stephen showcased new age innovations, demonstrated a virtual digital assistant (Chat-D-ID) and an AI-created song about the meeting, and provided a primer on entrepreneurships and startup success. As Greg Lane commented, the presentation, “really got people thinking and stimulated many brain cells.”

More discussions on climate change filled out the afternoon as attendees worked in pairs on the initiatives presented in the morning session with the goal of building a plan to take three initiatives home. This was followed by a short break before an evening reception. 

But the day was not over yet, as some reconvened in the hotel lobby after the reception to continue their conversations. Donna Lindskog summed the day up well when she said, “What a knowledgeable group! So many ideas!”