IFIP General Secretary Anatolii Marushchak participated in a discussion about using AI to drive development at a United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) event this month. 

Professor Marushchak took part in the 20th session of the General Conference of UNIDO, engaging in a discussion about “Inclusive AI – Bridging the Digital Divide in Industry and Manufacturing”, a thematic side event organised as part of the UNIDO initiative Global Alliance on Artificial Intelligence for Industry and Manufacturing (AIM Global). 

The General Secretary shared with the broad international audience details of IFIP’s activities relating to AI spanning over three decades, starting with the establishment of IFIP TC12 in 1989. He also discussed IFIP Conferences held in 2023 on AI topics: a Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability (Poland), the Sixth International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Data Science (India), and Artificial Intelligence Application and Innovations (Spain).

During the UNIDO event, Professor Marushchak and other experts delved into the current state of AI, examining challenges and opportunities arising from its deployment across a spectrum of fields, including AI governance, policies and regulatory frameworks, the role of standards and quality assurance mechanisms to enable global coordination in AI deployment, ethical concerns, academia’s contribution to AI development and application, upgrading skills, fostering trust in AI-powered transition and game-changing AI technologies for inclusivity and sustainability. They also provided a number of actionable insights and solutions to ensure responsible AI use, addressing the imperative need for more inclusive and sustainable development.

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