28September, 2021

ACS Profiles Top Tech and Digital Roles

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The 90 top tech and digital roles and their top five skills have been profiled in ACS’ Demand & Impacts on Tech & Digital Skills white paper.

By taking a clear look at required skills, businesses and tech and digital professionals will be able to shift business plans and career focus to encompass future technologies and steer capabilities […]

26August, 2021

IFIP TC3 Stages First IFIP 60th Anniversary Event!

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OCCE2021 DTEL – “Digital Transformation of Education and Learning – Past, Present and Future”

This IFIP TC3 conference had such an appropriate topic title – digital transformation was certainly fundamental to its success. Chaired by Dr Jaana Holvikivi and Prof Mikko Ruohonen, not only was it the first hybrid conference organised and run by IFIP TC3, […]

26August, 2021

More IFIP60 Events

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IFIP’s 60th Anniversary celebrations are rapidly gaining momentum with a kaleidoscope of events being staged around the world.

In addition to the series of virtual panels highlighted in a previous article in this issue, there are also numerous sessions, workshops and conferences paying tribute to IFIP’s enormous contributions to the world of ICT over the past […]

26August, 2021

IFIP InterYIT Hosts World Blumar Youth IP Conclave 2021

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IFIP InterYIT (International Young ICT Professionals group) brought together professionals from around the globe this week for the World BLUMAR Youth IP Conclave, looking at Intellectual Property Rights and its Essential Management. 

Part of the on-going celebration of IFIP’s 60th Anniversary, the event featured IP Strategist Rafael Pereira as keynote speaker along with a panel of […]

26August, 2021

IITPSA Women in IT Kicks with Advice to ‘Own Your Space’

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The Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA) Women in IT (WIIT) chapter celebrated its relaunch and the launch of its new website with a special Women’s Day webinar on personal and professional coping strategies. 

The special Women’s Month event allowed participants to compare notes on how women IT professionals are juggling the work from […]

26August, 2021

IFIP VP Anthony Wong to Lead New Working Group WG12.12

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AI Governance will be the primary focus of IFIP’s newest Working Group (WG), which has been established within IFIP Technical Committee (TC) 12.

WG12.12 (AIGOV) will be chaired by IFIP Vice President, ex-CIO and technology lawyer, Anthony Wong, who has written and presented extensively on the issue of ethical and regulatory approaches to AI in his […]

26August, 2021

AICT 600 for Insights Aug21

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“Advancing Research in Information and Communication Technology” Now Available
Download the Second of Two IFIP Jubilee Books
The second of the two planned Jubilee Books to celebrate IFIP’s 60th Anniversary is now available for free download.
“Advancing Research in Information and Communication Technology — IFIP’s Exciting First 60+ Years, Views from the Technical Committees and Working Groups” reflects […]

26August, 2021

ACS Working on New Strategic Plan

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ACS (Australian Computer Society) has revealed it is developing a new five-year strategic plan that
will determine the path forward for the organisation for the next half-decade.

Disclosed to the full membership on 23 August during a Q&A session with ACS President Ian
Oppermann and CEO Rupert Grayston, the development of the project started earlier this year with
key stakeholders, and […]

26August, 2021

ACM Launches Collective Intelligence

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ACM has announced the launch of Collective Intelligence, a new journal co-published by ACM and SAGE, with the collaboration of Nesta. A global, peer-reviewed, open access journal, Collective Intelligence is devoted to advancing the theoretical and empirical understanding of collective performance in diverse systems, such as:

human organizations
hybrid AI-human teams
computer networks
adaptive matter

26August, 2021

ACM News from Across the Globe

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Call for Nominations for Fran Allen Award 

ACM announces a new award that highlights the value of mentoring in the development of computing professionals. The ACM Frances E. Allen Award for Outstanding Mentoring emphasizes contributions in mentoring students and young professionals from diverse communities. Please consider nominating a deserving individual for this unique award that promotes diversity in computing. Nominations are due December 15, 2021.


ACM Europe Tech […]