29June, 2017

MEDIA RELEASE: World Education Technology Conference to Explore the Benefits of Computer Games for Learning and Assessment

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Media Release

World Education Technology Conference to Explore the Benefits of Computer Games for Learning and Assessment

IFIP WCCE2017 to Learn How Computer Games Can Develop Problem-Solving, Creativity & More

Thursday 29 June 2017: The use of computer games to support the learning and assessment of 21st century competencies will be the focus of a keynote by […]

31May, 2017

CSSL Partners with ACS to Launch Digital Library

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The Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) has partnered with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to license the ACS Digital Library for its members.

The arrangement gives CSSL members discounted access to ACS digital products and services ranging from ICT Leaders Vodcasts to a broad cross-section of professional development content.

The Vodcasts include interviews and presentations involving […]

28April, 2017

IFIP Launches YouTube Video Channel

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To increase access to IFIP experts and provide new ways for people to learn more about what IFIP is doing, we have launched the IFIP YouTube Channel showcasing recent interview segments with key people.

Initially, the site features interviews with IFIP President Mike Hinchey on his vision for the international association and IFIP IP3 Chair Brenda […]

28April, 2017

IFIP Interviews: Brenda Aynsley, IP3 Chair on Participation at UN/ ITU WSIS

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Brenda Aynsley, Chair, IFIP IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership) discusses IP3’s participation and involvement at the UN/ITU’s WSIS Forum and its positive influence on global ICT initiatives and goals. 


IP3 has been represented prominently at events at the United Nations and at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). What is the significance of this involvement?

Well, […]

24April, 2017

IFIP Interviews: Mike Hinchey, IFIP President on IFIP’s global relevance and impact

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IFIP President, Mike Hinchey, speaks about how IFIP is changing to maintain its relevance and impact globally. Mike shares how his extensive professional career will enable him to maximize his contribution to IFIP.


How is IFIP changing to maintain its relevance and impact?

We’re having the great opportunity now to bring in new members. We’ve changed our […]

24April, 2017

IFIP Interviews: Mike Hinchey, IFIP President, on the vision for IFIP and supporting UN SDGs

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IFIP President, Mike Hinchey, shares his vision for IFIP, speaks about what makes IFIP so influential and how IFIP supports developing countries, in line with UN SDGs.

What is your vision for IFIP?

Over the next few years I like to see us become more relevant internationally, globally if you like, so we’re looking to work more […]

1April, 2017

WG 2.13 Sponsors Open Source System Conference

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IFIP Working Group 2.13 (WG 2.13) is a sponsor of OSS 2017, the 13th International Conference on Open Source Software to be held in Buenos Aires, on 22-23 May 2017.

Co-located with ICSE 2017, the 39th International Conference on Software Engineering, OSS 2017 will provide a unique forum for research related to Open Source Systems, with […]

1April, 2017

Developing Codes of Conduct

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IFIP’s Working Group on Social Accountability and Computing (WG9.2) met in Milan last month to explore the challenges of developing and reviving codes of conduct.

The meeting took place at Politeia, a Milan State University centre on corporate social responsibility and values, hosted by Professor Emilio D’Orazio, who founded and operates the centre.  

Attendees made a […]

1April, 2017

World Conference on Computers in Education less than four months away

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Things are really coming together for the World Conference on Computers in Education. With keynote speakers confirmed and academic papers submitted, WCCE is right on track for taking place in four months’ time, 3-6 July.

The final deadline for receiving papers was 3rd March and we were delighted to have received more academic papers than ever […]

1April, 2017

ECDL Marks 20 Years, Launches Digital Skills Paper

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To mark its 20th Anniversary, the ECDL Foundation has released a paper that seeks to progress the discussion around the most effective strategies for developing digital literacy and skills.

The new paper, entitled “Creating the Future: Computing in Education” revisits terms and concepts related to computing and argues that computing is part of digital competence.

In the […]