The 23rd IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC) will be held in Manaus, Brazil this year. 

Manaus is the capital of the Brazilian Amazon and will also be hosting the Brazilian Symposium on Digital Games and Entertainment, the Symposium of Virtual Reality and the 37th Conference on Graphics Patterns and Image Sibgrapi). 

The ICEC comprises five workshops: 

  • Aesthetics and Empowerment: Exploring AI-Driven Creativity; 
  • Game Accessibility Research Summit Workshop; 
  • Workshop on XR Experiences for Entertainment and Industry (WXREEI); 
  • Interactive Storytelling in Extended Realities; and 
  • Workshop exploring the topic: Are Aesthetics and Accessibility Conflicting Aspects in Serious Games Design?

In more entertainment computing news, IFIP TC14 (Entertainment Computing) has nominated four new country representatives: Drew Davidson (Carniege Mellon University) for ACM, Nicolas Szilas (Université de Genève) from Switzerland, Jong-Il Park (Hanyang University) from South Korea and Ján Lacko (Pan-European University in Bratislava) for Slovakia.