CLEI, the Latin American Center for Informatics Studies, has announced its new line-up of national representatives to IFIP’s Technical Committees.

Headquartered in Chile, CLEI draws its membership from across South America and over the past 35 years has staged events in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and Spain.


As part of its ongoing collaboration with and support for IFIP, CLEI has appointed representatives to 11 of IFIPs Technical Committees, as detailed below.

TC1: Foundations of Computer Science Pablo Castro
TC2: Software Engineering Emilio Insfran
TC3: Education Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas
TC6: Communication Systems Edwin Montoya
TC7: System Modeling and Optimization Héctor Cancela
TC8: Information Systems Andrea Delgado
TC9: ICT and Society Alicia García
TC10: Computer Systems Technology Mariela Curiel
TC12: Artificial Intelligence Alexandra González
TC13: Human-Computer Interaction Gabriela Marín
TC14. Entertainment Computing Pablo Figueroa