The students of the Master program in Human-Computer Interaction of Greece’s University of Patras worked in groups to design location-based experiences for the city of Patras, inspired to a large extent by the current health crisis.

Their work, produced during the last academic semester (March to June 2020), took place during the COVID-19 lockdown and involved designing location-based experiences while they were constrained at home.

The results of the students’ projects were demonstrated publicly once lockdown had ended in July 2020 and drew the attention of visitors while also receiving publicity from national media. The students aimed to raise awareness of the city’s historic sites by motivating players to move through the city while engaging in the exergames.

For example, the game, “Odyssey: the long journey home”, was to be played in the sea-front area of the city, and involved acting out parts of Homer’s epic poem (see pictures).