Here’s your opportunity to join a passionate group of 9000+ people around the globe – comprising ICT professionals, cloud engineers, doctors/nurses, researchers, PhD students, CAD specialists and more – who are working to create schematics for cheap, easy to build hospital ventilators to open source and have freely available to meet the current shortages in every country.

While so many people are just surrendering to fear and anxiety, solutions-focused professionals are joining forces in the Helpful Engineering group to make a difference. Would you like to join them?

If you have technical skills or the ability to lead and direct a team towards a significant goal, then this is your opportunity to participate in projects that aim to help develop solutions and resources to bring the pandemic under control. 

The Helpful Engineering group is also looking for cloud providers to host the infrastructure they need – can you help? 

For more information about this and other volunteer-led projects to help address some of the pressing issues raised by COVID-19, please visit