In line with United Arab Emirates (UAE) efforts to implement a ‘Distance Learning’ initiative, the UAE Ministry of Education, in cooperation with Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU), has recently launched free online training courses to give teachers, academic staff members, university professors and training experts the skills needed to manage and operate online classrooms.

The new training courses are available in both Arabic and English and are based on Hands-On and Learning by Doing approaches. The first course, entitled, “Be an Online Tutor in 24 Hours”, has several modules, such as:

  • Online Learning Technology Landscape;
  • E-learning management tools; and
  • Communication and creation tools.

The second course, “Design an Online Course in 24 Hours”, focuses on:

  • Planning and designing online lessons; and 
  • Designing online lessons using various advanced tools and platforms. 

Participants will receive certificates after successfully completing both courses and the relevant assessments. To register for the courses, please visit: