The Institute of IT Professionals of South Africa (IITPSA) this year marks 60 years in 2017 and is planning several events to celebrate its anniversary, including a Gala Dinner in November for its Annual Awards Night.

The IITPSA was founded in 1957 as the South African Computer Society by Cecil John Aspinall along with local members of the British Computer.

It changed its name in 2011 to highlight its role as a professional body operating in an industry that now encompasses far more than just computers. IITPSA was recognised as a Professional Body by SAQA in 2012 and was accredited by IFIP IP3 in July 2013.

The IP3 accreditation means that its Professional Grade members are assessed against a global standard and can have their skills recognised in other countries that also partner with IP3, such as Zimbabwe, Canada or Australia, among others.

Ever progressive, IITPSA elected its first female President – Virginia Emily Martinez – in 1971, and is currently led by another woman, Ulandi Exner, who is featured on the IFIP YouTube channel.  Moira de Roche, who also serves as a Director of IFIP IP3, was IITPSA President from 2004 to 2008.

We congratulate IITPSA on achieving such a significant milestone!