CoNEXT 2023, 5—8 December 2024

The International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies will be a major forum for presentations and discussions of novel networking technologies that will shape the future of Internetworking. The conference is single track and features a high-quality technical program with significant opportunities for individual and small-group technical and social interactions among a diverse set of participants. Keynote speakers are Ravi Netravali (Princeton University) and Adrian Perrig (ETH Zürich). This conference will be held in Paris, France.

ACMMM Asia 2023, 6—8 December 2024

ACM Multimedia Asia will include sessions for research students and early career researchers, opportunities to communicate with internationally renowned researchers and platforms for social networking. Presentations and tutorials include “Image/Video Processing and Synthesis”, “Streaming Media: Algorithms, Protocols and Systems,” “Multimedia Signal Processing and Analysis,” “Geometric Deep Learning and its Applications For Multimedia,” “Intelligent Sports Technologies,” and more. Keynote speakers are Kyoung Mu Lee (SNU) and Ko Nishino (Kyoto University). The conference is being held in Tainan, Taiwan.

Middleware 2023, 11—15 December 2024

The ACM/IFIP Middleware Conference is a major forum for the discussion of innovations and recent scientific advances of middleware systems with a focus on the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed systems, platforms and architectures for computing, storage, and communication. Workshops include “SnapStore: A Snapshot Storage System for Serverless” “DynaCut: A Framework for Dynamic and Adaptive Program Customization,” “OrderlessChain: A CRDT-based BFT Coordination-free Blockchain Without Global Order of Transactions,” and more. Keynote speakers are Lorenzo Alvisi (Cornell University) and Rodrigo Fonseca (Microsoft). The event is being held at the University of Bologna, Italy.