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The University of North Texas hosted the two day IFIP International Internet of Things (IFIP-IoT) Conference on 2-3 November 2023. The event consisted of 63 technical talks, four keynotes, one expert panel, one Women in Engineering (WiE) panel, one Student Research Forum (SRF) and a Research Demo Session (RDS).  

The technical scope of IFIP-IoT is multidisciplinary since IoT covers a wide range of topics, from communication network protocols and embedded systems to data analytics and machine learning algorithms, having the objective of enabling services in areas like e-health, mobility, energy, manufacturing, smart cities, and agriculture. IoT deployment needs also to take into consideration the security, privacy and social aspects of networking.

IFIP-IoT 2023 is the 6th IFIP International IoT Conference and was led by CSE Professor Dr. Saraju Mohanty with support from Prof. Bibhudutta Rout from Physics, Prof. Sharad Sharma from Information Science, as well as Electrical Engineering Professor Dr. Shengli Fu. Dr. Srinivas Katkoori from University of South Florida, Prof. Baek-Young Choi from the University of Missouri Kansas City, Dr. Prasanth Yanambaka from Texas Woman’s University, Dr. Alakananda Mitra from University of Nebraska, and Laavanya Rachakonda from University of North Carolina at UNCW, were instrumental in supporting various aspects of the conference.

Conference attendees included researchers from USA, India, Brazil, UK, UAE and Malaysia. Most of the attendance was in-person mode, however remote presentations over video were allowed in special circumstances to make this conference hybrid in nature. The Texan universities which collaborated with UNT included Texas Woman’s University, Texas Tech and University of Texas at Arlington. 

Overall, it provided ample opportunities for UNT faculty to explore future collaboration with their international peers on IoT research. 

The Keynotes were delivered by eminent researchers around the globe such as Srinivas Katkoori from University of South Florida, Kamalakant Mahapatra from NIT Rourkela, India and Baek-Young Choi from the University of Missouri Kansas City.  

The specific student attractions included a Student Research Forum (SRF) and Research Demo Sessions (RDS). SRF papers are student first author research works while RDS papers are opportunities for students to share their research outcomes instead of formal oral and/or poster presentations. Students from disciplines like Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering got exposure to multidisciplinary aspects of IoT research through this IFIP-IoT 2023 event. 

The event also included a panel on Women in Engineering (WiE) to discuss experiences of women researchers in this domain. Additionally, an expert panel of smart healthcare and smart agriculture was held to answer challenges related to the IoT applications in these important application domains. 

Conference Chair Prof. Saraju Mohanty thanks all participants, including authors, technical committee members and organizing committee members, as well as acknowledging the generous support of event sponsors such as UNT College of Engineering, UNCW College of Arts and Sciences, UNT College of Information and UNT Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering.

UNT College of Engineering shared information of the program at UNT CENG with the International audience. UNCW College of Arts and Sciences team led by Dr. Laavanya Rachakonda discussed details of a new program called Intelligent System Engineering (ISE) which combines AI and Cybersecurity along with Systems.  UNT College of Information Dean Dr. Kinshuk thanked the attendee. Dept. Chair of UNT Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Dr. Gergely Zaruba also attended the event.