The Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) recently joined forces with IFIP IP3 and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7/WG20 for a workshop to discuss efforts towards an International Standard for Advanced IT Professionals. The event was staged during IPSJ’s 86th National Convention, which took place from 15-17 March 2024 at Kanagawa University.

ISO/IEC 24773 is an ISO standard that provides requirements and guidance for certification schemes for software and systems engineers. The IEEE Computer Society, INCOSE, the Information Processing Society of Japan, and other related parties are expected to complete the ISO standardisation process by 2024.

Fig. 1: ISO/IEC 24773 Overview

IPSJ has actively supported the development of the above standard and promoted ISO compliance of its Certified Information Technology Professionals (CITP) certification system. Meanwhile, IFIP IP3 has been studying an international accreditation system for the ISO/IEC 24773-compliant certification schemes. 

During the recent event in Japan, representatives from IPSJ, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7/WG20 and IFIP IP3 introduced their respective efforts and engaged in discussions to deepen cooperation, spurred by recognition of the importance of software engineers for the future society where Digital Transformation (DX) is progressing. 

IPSJ’s Tetsuro Kakeshita has written a detailed report about what was shared during the event, which is available on the IP3 website.