The deadline is fast approaching for potential speakers at this year’s 6th International Embedded Systems Symposium (IESS 2019) to submit papers for inclusion. The main scientific event of IFIP Working Group 10.2 – Embedded Systems, the Symposium will be held from 9-11 September 2019 in Friedrichshafen (Germany). Paper submissions are due by 5th May.

Over recent years, embedded systems have gained an enormous amount of processing power and functionality. Many of the formerly external components can now be integrated into a single System-on-Chip. This tendency has resulted in both a dramatic reduction in the size and cost of embedded systems and also an increasing system added value due to the sophisticated services provided. Thus, as a unique technology, the design of embedded systems is an essential element of many innovations.

Embedded systems meet their performance goals, including real-time constraints, through a combination of special-purpose hardware and software components tailored to the system requirements. Both the development of new features and the reuse of existing intellectual property components are essential to keeping up with ever demanding customer requirements. Furthermore, design complexities are steadily growing with an increasing number of components that have to cooperate properly. Embedded system designers have to cope with multiple goals and constraints simultaneously, including timing, power, reliability, dependability, maintenance, packaging and, last but not least, price. The significance of these constraints varies depending on the application area a system is targeted for. Typical embedded applications include multimedia and gaming, automotive, avionics, computer vision, medical, Industry 4.0, communication devices, Internet-of-Thing (IoT), smart cities, smart grids, robotics, intelligent systems and others.

The goals of the International Embedded Systems Symposium are to present, exchange and discuss the state of the art, novel ideas, actual research results, and future trends in the field of embedded systems. IESS is a true inter-disciplinary conference on the design of embedded systems. Computer science and electrical engineering are the predominant academic disciplines concerned with the topics covered in IESS, but many applications also involve civil, mechanical, aerospace, and automotive engineering, as well as various medical disciplines. IESS fosters the link between academy and industry, and hence, contributors and participants from both industry and academia are encouraged to take an active part in this symposium.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Design methods and tools for embedded systems design;

– Novel and dedicated architectures for embedded systems (IoT, deep learning, etc);

– Challenges on moving architectures to the edge of clouds;

– Application specific processors: architectures, design tools and HW/SW Co-design

– Processing/Communication trade-offs at architectural level;

– Domain Specific languages

– MDE methods and languages targeting embedded systems design at different abstraction levels;

– Case studies of innovative Embedded Systems

– Reconfigurable architectures and applications

– Low power processing and communication architectures

– Embedded Systems Applications: Automotive, Avionic, Medical, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Computer Vision, Intelligent Systems;

– Real-time challenges for embedded systems and systems-of-systems

– Human Machine Interface techniques and methods tailored for Embedded Systems

– Security issues for embedded and real-time systems


IESS 2019 will take place at Friedrichshafen (Germany). Besides its industrial and economic strengths, Friedrichshafen is a marvelous place for both holidays and relaxation activities. It is located on the northerly banks of magnificent Lake Constance (the Bodensee) in Southern Germany. A visit to Lake Constance allows enjoying a unique panorama view of the lake and the mountains tempt. A great number of holiday activities and free-time offers are provided on and around the lake, as well as in the air: the town is the home of the Zeppelin and a dream destination for technology and aviation enthusiasts.

IESS organizer invites participants to submit original manuscripts on the topics of interest listed above. More information is available at