Have you been following the extraordinary range of events being hosted by IFIP member societies to acknowledge IFIP’s 60th Anniversary? See below for upcoming events to be staged in the coming weeks.

Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development: Opportunities and Challenges

29 September 14:00-18.30 AEST











This event will provide an open forum for experts, thought leaders and researchers to talk about how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart sensing, knowledge discovery and data analytics can support sustainable development in the area of health, wellbeing and equality. The main objective is to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and potential solutions. This event will target a wide range of audiences including students, researchers, industries, and government agencies.

More information and registration link are available here


INFORMATIK 2021 – 51st Annual Conference of the German Informatics Society

27 September – 1 October








The INFORMATIK is the official annual conference of the German Informatics Society (GI) – the largest association of computer scientists in the German-speaking world – and is held annually at changing locations. In 2021, INFORMATIK will take place online and in Berlin, with a focus on sustainability.

Topics such as Green IT, resource conservation, use of smart technologies and system optimisation dominate the discussion on where and how sustainable informatics can assist sustainable development. At INFORMATIK 2021, we bring together experts from the spheres of science, politics and business, highlight social and political contexts and seek dialogue with all interested parties. INFORMATIK 2021 addresses the following four fields of action in informatics: ecological, economic, social and technological.

 More information and tickets are available here


ITARC 2021 – A conference for IT Architects

18-19 October












ITARC is an annual conference for IT architects, now online for the 14th time in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme for 2021 is THE RORSCHACH ARCHITECT – What kind of architect do you want to be in the future? The program will focus on presenting cutting-edge ideas, forcing attendees to constantly reflect on where these ideas fit or don’t fit with their own personal view of architecture. Keynote speaker is Professor Megan Reitz. Among others are Whynde Kuehn, Matthew Skelton, Professor Jan Bosch, and Barry O’Reilly. Please see the complete program at itarc.nu.

More information and tickets are available here