The three major associations representing ICT and information professionals in The Netherlands have merged, combining their knowledge and resources to maximise outcomes for their members.

KNVI (the Royal Dutch Association of Information Professionals), Ngi-NGN (the professional association for ICT professionals and managers) ad SOD (the union for document-based information managers), became a single entity under the banner of KNVI from 1 January this year.

The new organisation will be jointly led by co-chairs Wouter Bronsgeest, (who is now also The Netherlands’s representative to IFIP) and Paul Baak.

Mr Bronsgeest said KNVI will represent the interests of 300,000 Dutch professionals working in information management, ICT and Information Provisions.

“This is a pioneering move to bring together ICT professionals with IT Architects, Archivists, Librarians and allied professionals working in document management,” he said.

“The recent growth of Big Data has focused attention on the role of information and technology professionals across a wide range of disciplines to provide people with the right information at the right time. We see our function as enabling them to do that more effectively by providing a range of platforms, resources and opportunities for knowledge sharing.”

Mr Bronsgeest said KNVI’s mission is to support professionals in developing both their hard and soft skills to enhance their effectiveness and impact at a time when digital transformation is disrupting the world.  

“The people we represent have a critical role to play as enablers of this transformation and we have an ethical requirement to do that in a way that allows society to take full advantage and benefit from it.”

Mr Bronsgeest said KNVI will continue to play an active role within IFIP, with representation on the IFIP General Assembly and with members participating in various Technical Committees and Working Groups.