Remember to nominate a respected colleague or organisation for the prestigious David O’Leary Award. Offered by IFIP IP3, the award seeks to recognise an individual or body that has:

  • promoted and demonstrated Professionalism (Professional Practice), 
  • worked as an Ethics Evangelist and/or 
  • made strides in fostering diversity among ICT practitioners.

The 2021 winner was ethics researcher, Don Gotterbarn. He has been invited to travel to IFIP General Assembly 2022 in Lille to formally receive the award.

The deadline to nominate for the 2022 prize is 15 August, 2022. 

The award will be conferred based on the following criteria: 

  1. Professionalism – demonstrated commitment to all aspects of ICT professional practice: 
    1. Continuous Professional Development 
    2. Service to organisation and broader community 
    3. Trustworthiness 
    4. Accountability 
    5. Pride in the profession and setting a good example. 
  2. Ethics Evangelism – in addition to ethical behaviour, takes every opportunity to spread the Ethics message. 
  3. Fosters Diversity – works to promote gender, race and digital equity. 

The award is named for Canadian David O’Leary who made an enormous contribution to the IFIP Global Industry Council and the broader tehnology sector, and who embodied, and was a role model for, all the qualities of a true Professional. He passed away in 2018.

The nomination form is available here. Anyone may submit a nomination for a person or an organisation. Supporting documents can be emailed to

The closing date for this year’s award is 15 August 2022. All information is confidential and will only be shared with prior permission. 

Caption: Don Gotterbarn, winner of the 2021 David O’Leary Award