As part of EU Code Week, the “Cyprus Programming Challenge” is co-organised by Cyprus Computer Society and Neapolis University Pafos, sponsored by JetBrains Academy

The Cyprus Programming Challenge welcomes school students of all ages, embracing participants with varying levels of experience and expertise. The competition consists of two rounds: the qualifying and final rounds. Participants will be split into two leagues, one for middle school and the other for high school students.

Qualifying Round (October 16 – November 10, 2023)
The qualifying round will run online on the Codeforces platform  and participants will encounter a meticulously designed series of challenges crafted to evaluate their problem-solving abilities and programming skills.

Final Round (November 19, 2023)
The ultimate challenge awaits at Neapolis University Pafos during the final round which promises a thrilling on-site competition, offering these young talents an opportunity to showcase their skills, tackle more complex problems and forge lasting friendships. The top 10 participants demonstrating outstanding performance in the final round will receive special prizes from JetBrains. 

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