ASIIN (The Accreditation Agency for Study Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics) hosted the European Informatics Conference 2023 on 14-15 December 2023 in Valencia, Spain.  The focus of the conference was “The future of European Informatics Education – How to counter the skills shortage without compromising on quality?”  Over the conference’s two-days, several presentations were delivered by key European players. 

Gerald Caissy, ITCP, I.S.P. (ret.) presented a talk on “What’s going on outside Europe:  – The Seoul Accord as a non-European counterpart”.  Caissy is the current Deputy-Chair of the Seoul Accord and CIPS Director of Accreditation.  His talk was titled “Recognition and Accreditation Outside Europe”. 

Caissy briefly covered the original eight accord signatories of the Seoul Accord before expanding on today’s 18 signatory members. He discussed the core element of the Seoul Accord criteria, which is the Graduate Attributes, followed with a brief overview of SFIA as an alternative accreditation standard for non-academic organisations. He concluded with an update on the most recent Seoul Accord initiatives, such as the Seoul Accord recognition of Technologist level credential.  

Currently, only Baccalaureate level credentials are recognised by Seoul Accord Signatories, but Technologist (typically two year diploma) level credential recognition by all signatories is a project Caissy has been working on with CONAIC Mexico’s Computer Professional Society.