ACM has announced the launch of Collective Intelligence, a new journal co-published by ACM and SAGE, with the collaboration of Nesta. A global, peer-reviewed, open access journal, Collective Intelligence is devoted to advancing the theoretical and empirical understanding of collective performance in diverse systems, such as:

  • human organizations
  • hybrid AI-human teams
  • computer networks
  • adaptive matter
  • cellular systems
  • neural circuits
  • animal societies
  • nanobot swarms

The journal embraces a policy of creative rigor and encourages a broad-minded approach to collective performance. It welcomes perspectives that emphasize traditional views of intelligence as well as optimality, satisficing, robustness, adaptability, and wisdom.

Accepted articles will be available for free online under a Creative Commons license. Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Nesta, Article Processing Charges will be waived in the first year of publication.