ACM President, Vicki L. Hanson and her daughter, Data Science lecturer, Bran Knowles, have recently co-authored a research article: The Wisdom of Older Technology (Non)Users, which was published in Communications of the ACM.

Bran Knowles is a Lecturer in Data Science at Lancaster University in Lancaster, UK. Her research interests include human-computer interaction, design interaction, and trust. Knowles has authored or co-authored 32 publications that have been published as part of conference proceedings and/or in scholarly journals. She is currently a lead researcher on “Child Proofing the Internet of Things,” a project which explores the privacy and security implications of platforms that enable children to program the IoT.

Her mother, Vicki L. Hanson, is a Distinguished Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), as well as a Visiting Professor at Lancaster University. Hanson was named an ACM Fellow for contributions to computing technologies for people with disabilities. Her honors include an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Newcastle University, UK, election to the ACM SIGCHI Academy, and receiving the ACM SIGACCESS Award for Outstanding Contributions to Computing and Accessibility. Her research interests are centered on human-computer interaction, accessibility, and aging, with a current effort related to ethical inclusion of people with disabilities in undergraduate computing education.

To find out more about the extraordinary mother-daughter combo, read an interview in which they talk about their research and their working relationship.