IFIP IP3 has announced Don Gotternbarn as the latest recipient of the David O’Leary Award. The award acknowledges an individual or organisation that has promoted and demonstrated Professionalism (Professional Practice), has worked as an Ethics Evangelist, and/or has made strides in fostering diversity among ICT practitioners. 

Don was Chair of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Committee on Professional Ethics (from 1997). He is a Director of the Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute, East Tennessee State University, USA, Chairs the IFIP SIG9.2.2 Framework for Ethics and served on the IFIP Code of Ethics Task and Finish Group.

Don has been a leading and influential academic and practitioner promoting computer ethics since the mid-1980s with a focus on professional practice.  He is a Professor Emeritus at East Tennessee State University and has authored a prolific number of books, journals, and articles. He has been heavily involved with are professional societies representing computing such as ACM and BCS. 

The values and mission of these organisations aligns with IFIP, which “aims to achieve the worldwide professional and socially responsible development and application of information and communication technologies.” (IFIP Mission). 

Don’s contribution to the field has been recognised by various professional bodies including:

  • ACM “Making a Difference” award (2002) 
  • ACM “Outstanding Contribution” award (2005) for promoting ethical behavior of professionals and organisations
  • INSEIT (International Society for Ethics and Information Technology) “Joséph Weizenbaum” award (2010) for his contributions to the field of information and computer ethics
  • Finalist for the World Technology Summit Awards 2011.

Don will receive a cash prize of US$1000 and will be funded to travel to the IFIP GA in 2022.