The Informatics Association of Serbia (IAS) marked its 50th anniversary earlier this year with a ceremonial gathering in Belgrade’s the Ceremonial Hall of the Technical Faculties. 

Attendees were greeted by IAS president Nikola Marković, who underlined IAS’ success in establishing itself as an independent association gathers experts who work on the development and application of the latest ICTs as well as giving prompt consideration to the latest ICT trends. He said most IAS activities had a direct impact on the local society and these included various measures to accelerate the large-scale adoption of processes for digital transformation of business, steps towards improving protection from privacy threats, reducing misuse of internet and social networks, regulating the development artificial intelligence applications and more. 

Dejan Parčetić, State Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications was present to congratulate IAS on its the jubilee on behalf of the Government. The documentary, “50 years of the Informatics Association of Serbia” was also shown at the gathering, highlighting the association’s primary achievements and future plans. Attendees also had the opportunity to view a monography of the same title containing an assorted collection of historical highlights, and a virtual exhibition of documents showcasing the IAS’ work over the past 50 years.

At the end of the meeting, the IAS’ Steering Committee awarded certificates to 130 individual and 40 collective members of the association. The Committee also awarded a special accolade to IAS president Nikola Marković