IFIP IP3 will once again have a presence at the World Summit for the Information Society (WSIS), hosting a workshop on Generative AI.

WSIS 2023 will be held in Geneva from 13-17 March 2023. Click here for the agenda.

The IP3 workshop will be held from 2-3pm local time on Thursday 16 March in Room B, CICG. It will also be accessible online to encourage remote participation.

The topic is “Generative AI and the Information Society: How IT professionals can ensure that generative AI supports the information society”.

This will be a very interactive session, with audience participation encouraged. Speakers will deliver short position statements or introductory videos, and then interrogate the audience about their use or intended use of Generative AI, and the many questions and concerns they are sure to have about this. 

Speakers include:

  • Anthony Wong – IFIP President
  • Eliezer Manor – Entrepreneur and investor in emerging technology start-ups and Director, GIC (Global Industry Council)
  • Jo Dalvean – IP3 Deputy Chair 
  • Robin Raskin – Founder, Virtual Events Group (GIC Director) 
  • Stephen Ibaraki – IP3 Vice Chair and GIC Chair

IP3 hopes to attract a large audience, both in-person and remote, to discuss this technology that is already transforming society.