The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) is contributing to the #ErasmusPlus #KA2 project, #CybARverse

The project supports teachers (both IT and non-IT) and trainers in developing digital skills through the use of immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, teaching them how to recognise and respond appropriately to cyberattacks.

CybARverse promotes cyber security awareness, the implementation of the Digital Education Action Plan (Actions 5 and 7), as well as national agendas, and contributes to a more digital, green and inclusive teaching and learning environment. 

By the end of this program, at least 80 trainers and teachers from the four partner countries will be qualified.

Two representatives from CCS, Alexandra Faka and Neofytos Xenofontos, attended the first two day Transnational Project Meeting in Malta. This was an important meeting for the project implementation as it set the grounds for the partnership to kick-start the development of the Cybersecurity training for professionals.