27March, 2020

IFIP IP3 Seeks Input to the Global Policy Framework for Responsible AI: Principle 3 – Transparency and Explainability

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AI and algorithmic decision-making will over time bring significant benefits to many areas of our human endeavours. The proliferation of AI systems imbued with increasingly complex mathematical modelling and machine learning algorithms are being integrated in virtually every sector of the economy and society, to support and in many cases undertake more autonomous decisions and […]

29March, 2018

IFIP IP3 Accredits First Non-English ICT Certification

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Information Processing Society of Japan’s CITP Scheme Now Recognised Internationally

IFIP has recognised the first non-English ICT Certification with the accreditation of the Information Processing Society of Japan’s (IPSJ) Certified IT Professional (CITP) system.

IFIP’s International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3) announced the accreditation this month, affording international recognition to Japanese professionals holding the CITP designation.

Under IP3’s Accreditation […]

30June, 2017

IFIP IP3 Launches New Accreditation Guide

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New Simplified Guide Supports Schemes Seeking to Recognise ICT Professionals

The IFIP International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3) – the body focused on professional standards for the global ICT industry –launched a new, simplified Guide for Accrediting Schemes to Recognise ICT Professionals at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum (WSIS) 2017 in Geneva. […]

26April, 2017

IFIP Interviews: Brenda Aynsley, IP3 Chair on Professionalism in ICT

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Brenda Aynsley, Chair of IFIP IP3, discusses the role that IP3 plays within IFIP and the global professional community.

IP3’s got the responsibility for delivering on line item 4, which is the ‘Professionalism’ item. We were set up in 2006 or we came out of a meeting in 2006 and we’ve been running since 2008 so […]

28February, 2017

IP3 Plans Launch of Simplified Guide to Mutual Recognition Scheme

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IFIP members will be pleased to know that a Simplified Guide to IFIP IP3 Accreditation is currently being prepared and will be launched at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva in June.  

IP3 has chosen WSIS as the launch event to demonstrate how IFIP can support the achievement of the Sustainable […]

19September, 2016

New IT Professionalism Body in Europe

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CEPIS has launched IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE), a network of organisations committed to furthering IT professionalism in Europe. ITPE highlights the need to implement pragmatic solutions. It provides its members with information and visibility, in a collective endeavour to promote best practice in IT professionalism and drive its development in Europe. ITPE organises national briefings […]

22October, 2015

United Nations References Importance of ICT Professionalism in Driving Sustainability Outcomes

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United Nations References Importance of ICT Professionalism
in Driving Sustainability Outcomes
Global ICT Professionalism Body – IFIP IP3 – Strengthens Ties with UN General Assembly
Thursday 22 October 2015 – New York, USA: Key figures at the United Nations this week heard about the critical role information and communications technology (ICT) professionalism will play in helping to […]