Brenda Aynsley, Chair of IFIP IP3, discusses the role that IP3 plays within IFIP and the global professional community.

IP3’s got the responsibility for delivering on line item 4, which is the ‘Professionalism’ item. We were set up in 2006 or we came out of a meeting in 2006 and we’ve been running since 2008 so nine years. We’ve accumulated a number of partners. We manifest that in a few ways by having business partners that sit on our Global Industry Council, we also have members of IFIP as partners.


In a world where technology increasingly underpins every sphere of endeavour, how important is ICT professionalism?

Professionalism in any profession, but particularly, in ICT is vital and the reason for that is – who watches the watchers? Do we know that the people who are producing the things that we use for the good life that we live, are doing the right thing by us? Can we believe a company that says we will give you the world, that there’s no quid pro quo for that? Nobody does anything for anything unless they’re a professional and we believe professionals have a responsibility to both their clients, to the community they serve, which is the larger society ultimately.

And so professionalism is really important because there is no legislative base, there is no regulatory scheme and the professional in ICT has to rely on their own moral compass, effectively.