IFIP IP3 Vice President and Founding Chair of the IFIP Global Industry Council, Stephen Ibaraki, has been appointed Outreach Chairman of ITU’s new Journal “ICT Discoveries”.

The new peer-reviewed, scholarly and professional journal will publish original research on technical developments in the ICT and telecommunications sphere as well as discussing their policy, regulatory, economic, social and legal dimensions.

Mr Ibaraki said he was very pleased to take on the role as Outreach Chairman for the new publication, which will see him work with the ITU Editorial Team to help advocate the journal and reach out to potential sponsors, reviewers, and contributors.

“ICT Discoveries will take a multidisciplinary approach which reflects ITU’s comprehensive field of interest and explores the convergence of telecommunications/ICT with other disciplines,” he explained.

“It will be a digital, online and downloadable free of charge publication. Articles will be continuously published and bundled in yearly volumes. A first special issue on “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Communication Networks and Services” will be launched in September 2017 at ITU Telecom World in Busan, Republic of Korea. It will include submissions exploring AI applications that can improve the performance and efficiency of communication networks and services,” he said.


Image: Stephen Ibaraki is presented with the Silver Core Award by IFIP President Mike Hinchey, at the ACM headquarters in New York, USA.