The 2023 International Summit on the Study of Information was held from 14-18 August 2023, its first time in China. Hosted by the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the summit explored the theme: “The progress, problems and paradigm change of academic research in the information field”. 

According to Professor Zhong Shi of the Institute of Computing Technology in Beijing, the summit was very successful. “Dozens of leading academics and industry experts gave invited academic presentations, while hundreds of academic cadres and young scholars carried out vigorous academic exchanges on topics of information philosophy, information science (including Intelligent Science), information technology (including artificial intelligence), information economy, the Information Society and the development strategy of artificial intelligence education,” he said.

“In view of the development of various disciplines in the field of information in recent years, the conference has made an in-depth analysis of the progress and problems in the research discipline, especially those caused by the GPT series.” 

One paper, presented by IFIP TC12 chair, Eunika Mercier-Laurent, considered the paradigm of information science which should be followed in the research of information science, particularly in relation to AI, so that the research of information science can continue along the right track under the guidance of the paradigm of information science.