In a move that represents a significant collaboration, all five French ICT societies have decided to empower the FIS (Computer Society of France) to become the official French representative to IFIP.

France has been a major player in IFIP since its inception in 1960.  Today, about 220 French are members of IFIP’s various Technical Committees and Working Groups, with several occupying key leadership roles, such as chairing a TC or WG. In addition, many within the French ICT community participate in IFIP events or contribute papers for publication.

The French consortium, which includes FIS, CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), IMT (Mines-Telecom Institute), INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation) and SEE (Society of Electricity, Electronics and ICT), was established to enable the bodies to respond more effectively to international challenges.

In relation to IFIP, it intends to: consolidate and strengthen French participation; Raise awareness of IFIP and its work among key IT players in France; and more effectively leverage the French work happening within IFIP.

While FIS now officially represents France within IFIP, a steering committee comprising representatives from each consortium member has been set up to monitor its activities. The group includes Bernard Cornu (IFIP TC3, chairman of the steering committee), Claude Kirchner (INRIA), Jean Mairesse (CNRS-INS2I), Elie Najm (IMT), Philippe Palanque (SEE), Jean-Marc Petit (FIS) and Jacques Sakarovitch (CNRS / Telecom, IFIP TC1).