Keeping Our Head in the Clouds

The IFIP Domain Committee on Cloud Computing (DCCC) met in Milan, Italy earlier this month to progress its work in providing cohesive thought leadership on cloud-related issues.

Norberto Patrignani, Chair of IFIP’s Domain Committee on Cloud Computing (DCCC) and Senior Associate Lecturer in Computer Ethics at the Doctorate School of Politecnico of Torino, said the committee is considering a range of possible initiatives where IFIP can take the lead.

The group is currently working on a policy statement with recommendations about how to best make use of the cloud for the benefit of the community. Issues include the need for conventions to manage the flow of data across international borders and exploring how the cloud could be leveraged to assist scientists and researchers in collaborating and sharing knowledge.

Stay tuned for more developments in this space in future issues of IFIP Insights.

About IFIP
IFIP, the International Federation for Information Processing, is the global professional federation of societies and associations for people working in Information and Communications Technologies and Sciences. Established under the auspices of UNESCO in 1960 and recognised by the United Nations, IFIP represents ICT professional associations from more than 50 countries and regions with a total membership of over half a million. It also brings together more than 3,500 scientists from industry and academia, organising them into over 100 Working Groups and 13 Technical Committees to conduct research, develop standards and promote information sharing. Based in Austria, IFIP organises and supports over 100 conferences each year, fostering the distribution of research and knowledge to academics and industry practitioners alike.


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