The Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) will stage its annual Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society (CSBC) from 18-23 July this year in Florianópolis. With the theme of “Innovation and Digital Transformation: Facing the Complexity and Uncertainties of the Contemporary World”, the congress will comprise 25 parallel events with activities such as technical sessions, keynotes, panels, meetings, symposiums, workshops, as well as courses, training and contests targeted at graduate and undergraduate students.

The largest computer science event held in Brazil, CSBC attracts around 1,000 academics, researchers, students, and professionals from Brazil and abroad to present and discuss the latest scientific, technological, educational, and political developments in the area of ​​Computer Science.

This year, the congress will address the challenges faced in an increasingly dynamic, complex, and uncertain world, highlighting the role of computing technology as a key tool to boost innovation and the transformations that can lead to solutions for the obstacles currently faced by our society. While new risks, uncertainties and adversities have emerged due to the Covid-19 pandemic, new opportunities have also been created. In this context, all segments of our society increasingly require and are influenced by computer systems and the Internet. The combination between computing technology and innovation is vital for the digital transformation of strategy, structure, culture, and processes within organizations. As a result of choosing this theme, we seek to bring out both technological innovations and the social, environmental, economic, ethical, and cultural impact that result from these solutions in order to achieve sustainable development.

 The 41st edition of CSBC will be hosted in the city of Florianópolis, from July 18 to 23, 2021 and organised  by UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) and UNIVALI (University of the Itajaí Valley). Remote attendance will be allowed due to the pandemic. More information about the congress can be found at

Founded in 1978, The Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) has played a relevant role in establishing computing as a science and profession in Brazil and Latin America. It is represented in several government institutions and maintains a strong influence in adopted curricula for computing careers in Brazil. The society is organized across 27 special commissions virtually covering all fields of computer science and ICT, with related technical conferences.