BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, has become the first provider offering an accredited certification in artificial intelligence (AI). 

Cheryl Cumberworth, BCS Director of Products and Standards said artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our workplace, technology and wider society. 

“This means there is a greater need to study this area to ensure there is a level of expertise and professionalism within the industry. This is why – following the launch of our Essentials Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) earlier this year – BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT is pleased to announce the release of the next certificate in this exciting new pathway – the BCS Foundation Certificate in AI.”

The new Foundation Certificate will include and expand upon the knowledge learned at the Essentials level. It has been designed to support professionals in this innovative and fast-growing field that holds immense potential for the business world. The certificate incorporates learning on both the academic theory and practical applications of AI, providing definition and standardisation to this newly emerging area of IT.

“The training will help increase a candidate’s value to their organisation and support their career progression. The BCS certification has been developed by industry experts ensuring relevant skills. It is based on best practice and mapped to SFIAplus to support career progression,” Cheryl said.

Benefits for professionals:

  • Enables candidates to understand AI options when thinking about the development of products.
  • Helps candidates understand how to engage with a supply chain to get the investment they need for a product/service.
  • Provides candidates with the knowledge, skills and experience in AI to help develop their career and opportunities in the future.
  • Allows candidates to gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest developments in AI through this unique certification.
  • Enables professionals to demonstrate their competence in a rapidly emerging profession and further their learning at foundation level and beyond.

Benefits for employers:

  • Provides a solid foundation for employees involved in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence.
  • Helps to build an ethical and sustainable AI product/service that is technically robust.
  • Allows candidates to demonstrate CPD and shows investment in employees to aid in employee retention.
  • Employees will gain an industry recognised certificate, helping to drive standards across their business.


More information about the BCS AI certifications is available here.

BCS: AI, ethics and certification

A recent report from PwC states that 7.2 million jobs in AI and related technologies will be created in the UK in the next 20 years. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025 more than half of all workplace tasks will be performed by machines.

BCS believes that ethics should be at the heart of all AI based products. If we think before we develop, build and make we can ensure everybody shares in the technology’s benefits. To find out more, read the Insights 2019 report.

Part of this journey is providing a pathway toward certification through which professionals can evidence their skills and their commitment to ethical practice: https://www.bcs.org/get-qualified/certifications-for-professionals/artificial-intelligence-ai-certifications/