First Recipient of CCF/ACM Artificial Intelligence Award Announced

The CCF-ACM Artificial Intelligence Award, established last year by the Chinese Computer Federation and ACM, is awarded to professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the theory, technology, or application of artificial intelligence and worked in China at the time of the award. The inaugural winner for 2020 is Zhou Zhihua, Professor at Nanjing University and CCF Fellow, cited for “outstanding contributions in many fields of machine learning such as integrated learning and multi-label learning. He has achieved original results in theory and method, and the invented technology has achieved remarkable results when applied to a variety of real scenarios.”




Munmun De Choudhury Receives ACM-W Rising Star Award

ACM-W has announced Munmun De Choudhury, an Associate Professor at the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology, as the winner of the 2021 ACM-W Rising Star Award. The award recognises a woman whose early-career research has had a significant impact on the computing discipline. De Choudhury’s research develops novel computational techniques, and technologies powered by them, to responsibly and ethically employ social media in quantifying, understanding, and improving personal and societal health and well-being.


Featured ACM Distinguished Speaker: Stefan Bruckner

 Stefan Bruckner is a professor in Visualization at the Department of Informatics of the University of Bergen, Norway. His research interests include all aspects of data visualization, with a particular focus on interactive techniques for the exploration and analysis of spatial data. He has made significant contributions to areas such as illustrative visualization, volume rendering, smart visual interfaces, biomedical data visualization, and visual parameter space exploration, and has six patents.

Stefan is a recipient of the Eurographics Young Researcher Award, the Karl-Heinz-Höhne Award for Medical Visualization, and eight best paper awards and honorable mentions at international events. He was program co-chair of EuroVis, PacificVis, the Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, and the Eurographics Medical Prize, and serves on the editorial board of Computers & Graphics. He is a member of ACM SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, and the IEEE Computer Societywas the Technical Paper Chair of SIGGRAPH 2017, and has served on the program committees of all major conferences in computer graphics, as well as on the Editorial Boards of major graphic journals.

For more information on Stefan, please visit his DSP speaker information page.


Upcoming Online Conferences
TEI 2021, February 14 to 19 

The Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interactions addresses issues of human-computer interaction, novel tools and technologies, interactive art, and user experience. This year’s conference will focus on “The Art of Interaction,” inviting all participants (especially artists) to speculate on a vision of how art impacts, inspires and shapes research practice.




ACM FAccT 2021, March 3 to 10

The fourth ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (formerly ACM-FAT) brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability and transparency in socio-technical systems. Papers will address measurement and fairness, design, machine learning, AI, censorship, crime reporting, algorithmic decision making and much more.



HRI 2021, March 8 to 11

 The ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction attracts researchers from around the world to present and exchange ideas about the latest theories, technology, data, and videos furthering the state of the art in human-robot interaction. This year’s theme is “Bolder Human-Robot Interaction,” encouraging broad participation from communities in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, human factors, design, and social and behavioral sciences.


WSDM 2021, March 8 to 12 

The ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining is one of the premier conferences on web-inspired research involving search and data mining. The program includes workshops on Integrity in Social Networks and Media, Machine Reasoning in Web Search and Data Mining, and more. Keynote speakers are ACM Athena Lecturer Susan Dumais, Eran Segal of Weizmann Institute of Science, and Yoav Shoham, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University.


SIGCSE 2021, March 13 to 20

The SIGCSE Technical Symposium provides a forum for educators to discuss issues related to the development, implementation, and/or evaluation of computing programs, curricula, and courses, as well as syllabi, laboratories, and other elements of teaching and pedagogy. Sessions will cover technical aspects of teaching and learning as well as diversity/inclusion and ethics.