Technical Committee 9 (TC9), which is dedicated to supporting research into ICT and Society, is preparing a handbook for current and future researchers. The TC’s active working groups will prepare histories of their various Working Group’s origins, summaries of their activities and publications, and an overview of their research opportunities and challenges.

TC9 would like to include a list of organisations that are affiliated with IFIP and is reaching out to national representatives for details about organisations that are devoted to the study of computing and society, broadly conceived. This directory will help individuals locate organisations that will support their research and provide opportunities for meetings and collaboration.

Anyone who can help provide current information and a short description of these organisations is welcome to contribute before 1 May 2021. A Google form is set up for this purpose ( If more than one person submits details regarding an organisation, the information will be amalgamated and returned to the contributors for review.

The final anthology, entitled Current Directions in ICT and Society, will be published by Springer this summer. Editors are Chris Leslie, chair of WG9.7 (History of Computing) and David Kreps, chair of TC9. If you have any questions, please reach out to Chris Leslie (