14May, 2018

Roger Penrose to Speak on “AI and Your Future” at UN CTSD in Geneva Tomorrow

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Roger Penrose to Speak on “AI and Your Future” at UN CTSD in Geneva Tomorrow
IFIP Lunchtime Side Event Will Also Feature Futurist Stephen Ibaraki as Moderator
Brilliant and controversial mathematical physicist and human consciousness visionary, Roger Penrose, will share his thinking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of the world at an IFIP […]

30August, 2017

IFIP President to Open Sri Lanka’s Biggest Ever ICT Conference

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Combined NITC/SEARCC Conference to Attract Over 1,000 ICT Professionals

Wednesday 30 August 2017 –  Mike Hinchey, President of IFIP, the global federation of ICT professional associations, will formally open the combined NITC/SEARCC Conference in Sri Lanka next month.

Professor Hinchey will discuss the critical role ICT professionals play in enhancing the quality of life for people […]

31May, 2017

Collaborating with AI on Planetary Stewardship

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Sean McGregor, Technical Manager, XPRIZE Foundation and PhD Candidate, Oregon State University


Highlight 1: AI research making us better stewards of life on Earth.

Highlight 2: Instead of protecting a few charismatic species, we are learning to protect entire ecosystems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does more than make our technology smarter, it also protects the planet. Consider the work […]

31May, 2017

AI For Good Global Summit Kicks Off in June

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The AI for Good Summit is fast approaching—and you’re not going to want to miss this historic gathering. The goal of the summit is to propose strategies for the development of AI applications and systems to help address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with focus on four central themes:

Privacy, Ethics and Societal Challenges
Common Good […]

28April, 2017

IFIP Interviews: Brenda Aynsley, IP3 Chair on Participation at UN/ ITU WSIS

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Brenda Aynsley, Chair, IFIP IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership) discusses IP3’s participation and involvement at the UN/ITU’s WSIS Forum and its positive influence on global ICT initiatives and goals. 


IP3 has been represented prominently at events at the United Nations and at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). What is the significance of this involvement?

Well, […]

26April, 2017

IFIP Interviews: Brenda Aynsley, IP3 Chair on Professionalism in ICT

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Brenda Aynsley, Chair of IFIP IP3, discusses the role that IP3 plays within IFIP and the global professional community.

IP3’s got the responsibility for delivering on line item 4, which is the ‘Professionalism’ item. We were set up in 2006 or we came out of a meeting in 2006 and we’ve been running since 2008 so […]

24April, 2017

IFIP Interviews: Mike Hinchey, IFIP President, on the vision for IFIP and supporting UN SDGs

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IFIP President, Mike Hinchey, shares his vision for IFIP, speaks about what makes IFIP so influential and how IFIP supports developing countries, in line with UN SDGs.

What is your vision for IFIP?

Over the next few years I like to see us become more relevant internationally, globally if you like, so we’re looking to work more […]

24April, 2017

IFIP AI Expert Stephen Ibaraki Chairs United Nations AI Briefing

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IFIP AI Expert Stephen Ibaraki Chairs United Nations AI Briefing


Stephen Ibaraki, Founding Chair of the IFIP Global Industry Council (GIC) and Vice Chair of IFIP IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership), last week chaired and presented a keynote address at the UN Headquarters New York ITU Briefing on the “AI for Good Global Summit”. […]

1April, 2017

AI for Good Global Summit

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IFIP President Mike Hinchey joins a stellar line-up of speakers for the first United Nations ITU / XPRIZE AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva from 7-9 June 2017.

The Summit aims to accelerate the development and democratization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to address global challenges such as poverty, hunger, health, education, equality and the […]

14September, 2016

Policy Leader Says Technology is the Solution for the Developing World

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Policy Leader Says Technology is the Solution for the Developing World

Wednesday 14 September 2016 – The IFIP World IT Forum (WITFOR) 2016 has been told that adopting technology is the key to solving the development challenges of productivity and innovation. In his keynote address at WITFOR 2016 in Costa Rica, Dr Robert Atkinson, founder and […]