Brenda Aynsley, Chair, IFIP IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership) discusses IP3’s participation and involvement at the UN/ITU’s WSIS Forum and its positive influence on global ICT initiatives and goals. 


IP3 has been represented prominently at events at the United Nations and at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). What is the significance of this involvement?

Well, it’s thought leadership, it’s certainly been reflected back to us from the United Nations. We here, in the World Summit on the Information Society, we put in a lot of effort over two years and the result and the reward for that was to see the word ‘professionalism’ appear in an outcomes document that otherwise would not have appeared. So I’m not typically a boastful person but I am quite happy to boast that our group was responsible for having that included in the outcomes documents and that means that the next generation of development goals, the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) in fact, reflect that view about professionalism. So that’s a really rewarding thing and it’s in the rewarding thing and it’s in the the service delivery or any other standard setting basket.