The 56th Design Automation Conference (DAC) and its sponsors, including ACM, have announced the five recipients of this year’s Under-40 Innovators Award.

Chinese Academy of Sciences professor Yunji Chen was recognized for his work in developing the Cambricon deep learning processors.

Intel staff research scientist Huichu Liu was recognized for her innovations and technology transfers for driving energy efficiency breakthroughs in circuits and CPU architecture with novel devices.

IBM senior hardware developer Rasit Onur Topaloglu was recognized for his work on design for manufacturability and design-technology co-optimization.

Robert Wille, a professor at Johannes Kepler University in Austria, was recognized for his work in developing methods for design automation, which he applies to the design of conventional circuits and systems.

Purdue University professor Vijay Raghunathan was recognized for his work in studying the design of new hardware and software architectures for next-generation embedded systems, Internet of Things edge devices, and wearable and implantable electronics.

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