IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE) is a network of stakeholders that promotes IT professionalism in context of the wider digital transformation in Europe.

Last year, the group launched its first online IT Professionalism Conference, where European Commission representatives and private/public sector officials discussed the next steps for advancing digital skills. They also presented the ‘e-CF Explorer’ –  a tool for navigating the various dimensions of the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF).

This year, ITPE will return with a new range of themes and speakers for the next conference, which is  due to take place in spring with a final date due to be announced soon.

Other key events will include ITPE’s Professionals Ethics group, which focuses on how IT professional ethical practices are being implemented in response to developing technologies and/or proactive measures in companies. At the previous ethics meeting, IFIP IP3’s Moira de Roche presented and spoke about IFIP’s new Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

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