Final preparations are underway for the World Computer Congress 2018 (WCC2018), IFIP’s flagship event involving more than a dozen conferences, symposia and workshops in addition to an impressive line-up of invited keynote speakers.

To be held from 17-21 September in Poznan, Poland, WCC2018 brings together some of the world’s foremost authorities in the areas of data science, cryptography, blockchain technology, machine learning and much more.

Highlights include keynote presentations by:

  • Professor Wil van der Aalst on “Responsible data science in a dynamic world”;
  • Dr Jan Camenisch on “The pros and cons of Blockchain for privacy”;
  • Professor Leslie Valiant on “What needs to be added to Machine Learning?” and
  • Shamika N. Sirimanne on “Harnessing frontier technologies for sustainable development”.

A full list of presentations and events can be found on the conference website along with registration options.