AICA, the Italian Society for Computer Science, has launched U4JOB Essentials, a training program for digitisation in schools.

AICA is providing schools with free access to concrete proposals and solutions aimed at “promoting the development of digital culture and the dissemination of digital skills for students, teachers and non-teaching staff”, also in implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding in place with the Italian Ministry of Education.

Operating within the framework of digital solidarity and together with the Labor Agency “Umana”, AICA has made available to Italian teachers and their students an e-learning five modules course: U4JOB Essentials. This program is a cut-down version of the course aimed at companies, public administration and universities, and is particularly suitable for secondary school students.

It addresses the core issues of digital awareness, big data, cybersecurity, agile thinking and coding.

This version of the course combines AICA’s scientific skills with Umana’s ability to orient the new generations towards the labor market. At a difficult time for the country and the school system, the initiative U4JOB Essentials, contributes to the enrichment of the educational offer through an e-learning tool dedicated to important aspects of students’ current and future lives. 

U4JOB, created by Umana and AICA starting from the e4job standard (, is a multimedia course for all professionals who, although they have a basic knowledge in the use of information technology, feel the need to acquire more insight into the impacts of new technologies.