The $5 million IBM Watson AI XPRIZE will open Wildcard Registrations on September 6 for teams that believe they have an earth-shattering idea for an AI application.

This limited window is a great opportunity for teams involved in ground-breaking “AI for Good” projects; from revolutionising healthcare to changing how children are taught – the possibilities are endless.

Teams can pre-register now to receive helpful information about the registration process and to be notified first when registration opens.

The wild card submissions must include radical new advances that were not available at the start of the competition.

The global competition invites teams to develop powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) based applications and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with AIs to tackle the world’s grand challenges.

Teams have the chance to define their own goals and projects, and will go head-to-head during annual milestone competitions in 2018 and 2019. In the final round, the top three finalists will compete for the Grand Prize at TED 2020.

Pre-register your team before December 20, 2017. More details on how to form a team can be found at