The Journal of Information, Communication & Ethics in Society publishes one paper each year by an international expert, inviting 3-4 other experts to write a 1,500 word response.

Last year, Ethics authority Oliver Burmeister was invited to be the expert for 2017 and submit an article on the topic, “Professional Ethics in the Information Age”.

The completed article is now available via EarlyCite at

The publication with this article and the responses from other international experts will be issued in December this year. The article compares the young profession of ICT to the older health professions and explores what more can be done to enable ICT to mature as a profession.

Oliver has enjoyed a distinguished career in the field of ICT Ethics. An Associate Professor at Australia’s Charles Sturt University, he chairs the Australian Computer Society’s Ethics Committee and is an Australian representative on IFIP TC9.

Oliver represented IFIP when he presented an invited keynote address at a global computer ethics conference in Malaysia and is also an Australian national expert advisor on a European Union funded project on eAccessibility.