Download the First of Two IFIP Jubilee Books


The first of two planned Jubilee Books to celebrate IFIP’s 60th Anniversary is now available for free download.

The title “Unimagined Futures: ICT Opportunities and Challenges” reflects the fact there were many futures in the past that happened without our having envisaged them, and there are multiple futures about which we now speculate. Often, the way things turned out exceeded our wildest imaginings, and we can be sure that this will be no different in the times ahead.

For Unimagined Futures, IFIP invited experts in different aspects of the contemporary ICT scene to contribute essays from their specialist areas.

While addressing the contemporary challenges facing the ICT community today, the book provides the opportunity to look back to help understand what we now face and identify appropriate future responses to these challenges. As such, the book aims to contribute to the ICT community worldwide, as well as IFIP and its member societies, in setting their policy priorities and agendas for the coming decade. We hope to provoke discussion about appropriate responses to the challenges by individuals as well as by national and international bodies including IFIP.

Many topics would have deserved a chapter in the book, but for practical reasons the editors decided to finalize the book with a rich collection of topics divided in 17 chapters by 23 authors.

The theme “Unimagined Futures” has also been chosen as the overall theme for IFIP’s Jubilee activities that are currently being planned for the rest of the year.