IFIP Technical Committee 12 (Artificial Intelligence) was involved in two sessions at WSIS 2024 in Geneva. 

TC12 Chair, Eunika Mercier-Laurent attended the session entitled, “”Re” Generative AI: Using Artificial and Human Intelligence in tandem for innovation”, elaborated by Moira de Roche, which generated “very rich discussions with the audience”. For more information, visit here

Then Eunika herself elaborated a session entitled, “Synergy Human-AI for complex problem solving”. This session included participation from:

  • Gregory Gruz, Global Accounts & Expanded Assurance Markets Program Director, E&Y, 
  • France Anne Durgnon, R&D, EDF, France, experienced researcher, expert in knowledge-based AI, 
  • Cristina Monsone, PhD student and expert of Industry 5.0, Szechenyi Istvan University, Hungary, and 
  • Professor Vincent Vuilblet, Director of the Institute AI in Health, University of Reims, France.

The objective of this session was to provide an insight into the collaboration of human experts with AI systems for more accurate results, as well as to consider greener models for GenAI based on the combination of knowledge with existing data. It also sought to raise the awareness of the need for adequate explanations in Decision Making systems with the panelists discussing various cases from their respective fields.

Key Issues discussed included:

  • Why synergy Human-AI is important (from general perspective and those of panelists) in energy production, industry 5.0, medicine, etc.
  • How this synergy was/can be implemented in various fields in the era of DL/Gen AI?
  • Environmental, cognitive and societal impacts of GenAI compared to synergy H-AI.

Some key points that were highlight in the wrap-up included:

  • AI applications should empower humans without declining their cognitive capacity.
  • AI hardware and software should be “smart and green” by combining both natural and artificial intelligences, knowledge-based AI and GenAI in a neuro-symbolic approach.

More details about the outcomes from this session as well as the recording are available here.