28April, 2021

Professor Arkady Zaslavsky to Present at WG 8.3 Seminar

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IFIP Working Group 8.3 on Decision Support is staging a virtual seminar on Friday 7th May on the topic: AI for Decision Intelligence – Using AI/ML to Address Real Decision Problems.

Hosted by Cork Business School, the two-hour event features a presentation by Dr Arkady Zaslavsky, a Professor of Distributed Systems & Security at Deakin University, […]

30March, 2021

IFIP WG10.4 Stages First Workshop on Intelligent Vehicle Dependability and Security

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IFIP Working Group 10.4 (Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance) staged a virtual workshop on Intelligent Vehicle Dependability and Security (IVDS) from 29 Jan-1 Feb 2021, attracting over 60 attendees from 18 time zones spanning North America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Taiwan.

The vision of the IVDS project is to realise highly dependable and secure operation […]

23December, 2020

KNVI Releases Two New Books for Free Download

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New Publications Focus on AI and Blockchain

The Royal Dutch Association of Computer and Information Professionals (Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging van Informatieprofessionals, KNVI) has made two unique books available for free under Creative Commons licence.
Multidisciplinary Artificial Intelligence
Edited by Natascha van Duuren & Victor de Pous

While Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, expects increasingly intelligent computers to overtake humans […]

26November, 2020

Australian Human Rights Commission Calls for Guardrails Around AI Systems

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Australia’s Human Rights Commission has released a report highlighting the potential dangers of using artificial intelligence to make decisions around human rights, saying in-built biases could lead to unlawful and discriminatory outcomes.

The Commission’s new report, Addressing the problem of algorithmic bias, examines the interaction between human rights – specific equality and non-discrimination – and artificial intelligence […]

30October, 2020

News from IFIP TC12 – October 2020

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1st Act of AI Festival Montpellier

Due to COVID modifications, the initial AI Forum France could not take its planned form (AI Austria Forum).  Instead, IFIP TC12 decided to have several events, beginning with a Round Table on September 23rd 2020.

The event, which attracted over 100 people and was conducted under COVID-safe conditions, was hosted […]

28May, 2020

AI in the Working World

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New Research Project on the Traceability of Algorithmic Decision Systems 

The increasing use of algorithmic decision systems (ADM) is bringing about far-reaching changes for the world of work, particularly in personnel management, where decisions on selection and management are increasingly prepared by ADM systems. 

Employees also interact increasingly with “intelligent” systems in their direct working environment. In […]

26February, 2020

BCS Warns that AI Risks having Bias and Discrimination ‘Hard-Wired’ In

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BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, has warned that a lack of diversity in teams developing artificial intelligence (AI) could lead to in-built bias and discrimination in its decisions.

The comments are featured in a new report by the Committee for Standards in Public Life (CSPL), which examines whether the existing frameworks and regulations around machine learning […]

26February, 2020

GI Honours Formative Figures in German AI History

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The Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) has joined with the Fraunhofer Group for IUK Technology to honour 10 influential figures in German AI history at a special reception in Berlin. 

The reception entitled, “Artificial Intelligence in Germany – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, came out of the GI’s KI50 project which brought together a jury of 18 transdisciplinary […]

29January, 2020

Croatia Prioritises Technology in EU Leadership

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Croatia has taken over the Presidency of the European Council since 1 January 2020 for a six month term.

The Croatian-led priorities document includes digital aspects under each of the four strategic pillars, with ethics in AI highlighted. 

One goal of the strategy is to curate discussions on the legal and ethical implications of artificial intelligence as […]

29January, 2020

How do ICT Professionals Perceive AI?

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That’s the question the CEPIS Information Society SIN wants to understand through a brief online questionnaire. 

An Associate Member of IFIP, CEPIS represents national informatics associations throughout greater Europe. Established in 1989 by nine European informatics societies, CEPIS has grown to represent over 450,000 ICT and informatics professionals in 29 countries.

The CEPIS Information Society SIN is […]