New Group Plans to Develop AI Manifesto


One of IFIP’s most active and visible thought leaders, Stephen Ibaraki, has been invited to join other technology leaders on the Global AI Leadership Pioneers Circle, which seeks to cut through the hype and clarify real AI solutions and to develop a standardised innovation maturity model for AI.

This exclusive community of leading industry digital pioneers, research thought leaders, policy makers and business leaders will create an evolving digital manifesto which delivers a future roadmap to real returns on AI.

The AI Pioneers Forum will be part of the Turing Global Institute, the AI cognitive think tank with headquarters in New York City.

Led by Mark Minevich, digital fellow at IPsoft and a visionary strategist in the fields of digitization and artificial intelligence, the AI Pioneers Circle will explore complex business use cases and the future of digital labour, gather insights and best practice to create an AI Maturity Model and map it against the returns on AI (ROAI) to improve competitiveness of enterprises. Members can exchange ideas to better understand complex AI issues, share the return-of-investment, successes and challenges of their AI journey experience. 

“Thanks to the visionary leadership of Chetan Dube and IPsoft, the AI Pioneers Circle will aim to further advance on AI’s digital journey with industry and enterprise leaders, the research community and strategic visionary scholars,” said Minevich, executive chair of AI Pioneers Forum, and digital fellow and advisor to CEO of IPsoft.